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Used Car Finance Wallsend

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Used Car Finance in Tyne and Wear

As well as Wallsend, GB Car Finance is pleased to assist people searching for car finance in East Boldon, Gateshead, Houghton le Spring, Jarrow, Newcastle, North Shields, Rowlands Gill, Ryton, South Shields, Sunderland, Washington and Whitley Bay in Tyne and Wear.

More information about Wallsend


Located in North Tyneside in the North East of England, Wallsend is a historic village with plenty of opportunities for adventure and exploration. The fascinating history of its industrial past and the connections to the car industry, finance industry and motorsport, make it an ideal place for a holiday or a business trip. Wallsend's long and varied history has shaped the village significantly over the years, and its recent growth as a metropolitan area has helped to ensure that it remains a remarkable place to visit.

Wallsend's Car Industry

The car industry has had a long presence in Wallsend. The village itself is home to one of the oldest car servicing garages in the UK, R&R Car Services, which was established in 1868. In more recent years, Wallsend has become a major hub for motor car production, especially with the opening of the Nissan assembly plant in 1986. The factory is responsible for producing many of the brand's cars, including the much-loved Nissan Micra model.

The village also has a strong association with the global manufacturer Ford. In 1937, the Ford Motor Company opened the Wallsend plant which specialised in producing the popular Ford Escort model. This plant remained in operation until 2002 and its closure marked the end of a significant period of car production in Wallsend. Although Ford itself still maintains a presence in the area, the closure of the factory was a major blow to the village.

These days, Wallsend's car industry connections extend to some specialist companies. A notable example is JC Motors, a well-established garage run by a team of experienced mechanics. JC Motors provide a broad range of car servicing and repair services for all types of vehicles, from classic cars to new models.

Wallsend's Finance Industry

Wallsend is not only known for its car industry links but it also has a strong and ever-growing finance industry. The financial sector is a major driver of the village's economy, particularly since the introduction of the Wallsend Investment Initiative (WIF), a government-funded scheme that was launched in 2014. The scheme offers tax relief and other benefits to companies that choose to invest in Wallsend, thereby encouraging businesses to set up shop in the area.

As a result of the WIF scheme and other incentives, many finance firms have had a presence in Wallsend in recent years, including several nationally recognised brands, such as HSBC and PostFinance. This burgeoning financial industry has brought with it highly-skilled job opportunities and has helped to ensure that Wallsend remains an attractive destination for businesses.

Wallsend Motorsport

Also known as speedway racing, motorsport is an exciting spectator sport that has been popular in Wallsend for many years. Wallsend hosts the annual 'Wallsend Grand Prix', a major attraction for locals and visitors alike. The event is typically held over the Easter weekend and features a combination of motorbikes, quads, cars and buggies competing in numerous individual races.

Aside from the annual event, Wallsend regularly hosts smaller races and events throughout the year. The 'Newcastle Motor Club GB', for instance, hosts several events every week that are open to the public. Such events are a great way for motorsport enthusiasts to get together and share their experiences.

Demographic Details

According to the latest data published by the Office of National Statistics, Wallsend has a population of 28,352 people. Of this population, 93.1% are White British and 2.9% are of Asian ethnicity. The village is predominantly home to younger people, with 40.1% of the population being 14 or younger, and only 5.9% being aged 65 or older. Similarly, the majority of Wallsend's population (67.2%) are in full-time employment, and the average salary stands at £20,155 per annum.


Wallsend is a vibrant and historically-significant village, with strong ties to the car industry, the finance sector and motorsport. Its industrial past and strong links to modern-day industries has helped to make it a popular destination for holidaymakers and businesses alike, and its demographics suggest that Wallsend is an attractive place to live and work. We hope that this article has offered some insight into the fascinating history and make-up of Wallsend and its connections to the car industry, finance industry and motorsport.