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Used Car Finance in County Durham

As well as Stanley, GB Car Finance is pleased to assist people searching for car finance in Barnard Castle, Bishop Auckland, Chester le Street, Consett, Crook, Darlington, Durham, Ferryhill, Newton Aycliffe, Peterlee, Seaham, Shildon and Spennymoor in County Durham.

More information about Stanley


The small town of Stanley, located in County Durham, United Kingdom, is a community with a rich history of industry and commerce, particularly across the car industry, finance industry, and motorsport. Although much of the economy and industry of Stanley has changed in the modern world, its heritage in these three areas remains a source of pride for its residents and, indeed, interest from all over Britain.

This article will look at some of the historic connections between Stanley, the car industry, finance industry, and motorsport. We will also explore some of the demographic details of this picturesque county Durham town, and the impact these have on the community today.

A brief history of Stanley

Stanley was founded in the 12th century and quickly became a sought-after mining town in County Durham, due to its prime location at the foot of the Pennines. The area boasted a rich coal seam running throughout the region, which was greatly exploited during the Industrial Revolution. While many of the local coal mines have since closed, the town has managed to sustain itself, largely thanks to its strong ties with the car industry and, more recently, the financial industry.

The early days of the car industry in Stanley

In its earliest days, the car industry in Stanley was very much in its infancy — the only carmaker to make an early impact was Stanley Motor Carriage Company, established in 1903. This company was a pioneer in the development of steam-powered carriages, as well as being an innovator in the use of Electric Lighting for cars.

Unfortunately, Stanley Motor Carriage Company would eventually go out of business in 1914, despite its success in producing vehicles. It was during this time that several others took its place, including Regent Motors, S.C. Motor Transport and The Northallerton Motor Co. These firms helped to bring some much-needed industry and employment opportunities to Stanley.

The development of the finance industry

The car industry quickly attracted some major financial institutions to Stanley, including the Bank of England and Norwich Union. These financial institutions were the first to set up in the area, helping to further boost the local economy and employment opportunities.

The Bank of England was particularly influential in Stanley, becoming one of the largest employers in the town critical for its development. The bank opened local branches within Stanley and was among the first to accept deposits directly from customers. Norwich Union soon followed, opening branches in Stanley in the early 20th century, and establishing strong ties with the local community.

The development of motorsport in Stanley

In addition to its roles in the car and finance industries, Stanley has long been a major hub of motorsport activity. The region's hilly terrain made it ideal for hill-climbing competitions, which saw the best drivers from around the country battling it out in their shiny race cars.

The Royal Automobile Club (RAC), founded in 1897, held many hill-climbing contests in the area. These events often attracted thousands of spectators and gave drivers the chance to prove their skills. It was here that racing legends like Malcolm Campbell and Ernest Mason were discovered and their influence lives on in the area to this day.

Demographic details of Stanley

Today, Stanley still holds a strong position in the car industry, finance industry and motorsport. Although many of the larger firms are no longer located in the town, there are still plenty of smaller businesses, particularly in the field of car repairs and sales.

The approximate population of Stanley is 11,000 people, split roughly between the rural areas and small villages around the town. The average age of the population is 39 years old, with a slightly higher concentration of older people than other parts of County Durham. Around 95% of the population is white British, while the remaining 5% is made up of a variety of ethnicities.

The area also boasts high levels of employment, with 88% of adults in work (the national average is 76%). The car industry, finance industry and motorsport continue to provide significant numbers of jobs to local people, keeping the economy going and allowing Stanley to retain its position as an important regional centre for industry.


Stanley, in County Durham, has a fascinating history of industry that stretches back many centuries. Despite the fact that much of this industry has changed in recent decades, Stanley is still deeply connected to the car industry, finance industry, and motorsport. This article has looked at some of the historic connections between Stanley and these industries, as well as providing some insight into the demographic details of the town. It is clear that Stanley is still a hub of industry, and its long and proud heritage will undoubtedly continue to shape the town for many years to come.