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GB Car Finance specialises in used car finance in and around Sandhurst. We will work hard to help you obtain an approval decision, based on affordability, in minutes and drive away your new used car within 24 hours!

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If you need a loan to buy a used car then you have come to the right place - We could help to find car finance for you regardless of your current financial circumstances. We regularly help people with bad credit, even if they have been refused elsewhere.

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Used Car Finance Sandhurst

Car Finance Sandhurst

We are available to help people access car finance 247, 365 days a year - Whether you need an affordable family saloon, an economical hatchback, a large car or a people carrier we will work hard to help you find the right car for you. Apply online day or night, or speak with one of our friendly operators who will help guide you through the car finance application process and answer any questions you have.

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Used Car Finance in Berkshire

As well as Sandhurst, GB Car Finance is pleased to assist people searching for car finance in Ascot, Bracknell, Crowthorne, Hungerford, Maidenhead, Newbury, Reading, Slough, Taplow, Thatcham, Theale, Windsor and Wokingham in Berkshire.

More information about Sandhurst

The small village of Sandhurst in Berkshire, United Kingdom, is brimming with opportunities for those looking for a place with a mix of old and new, rural countryside and a vibrant centre for business and industry. From an insightful, centuries-old history, to the emergence of modern, cutting-edge business and finance, Sandhurst is no stranger to opportunity, big and small.

Although Sandhurst can often be overlooked by its larger, more glamorous neighbouring towns and cities, it has provided a great deal to the wider community and today stands as a small but powerful hub, with strong connections to a variety of industries including the car industry, finance sector and motorsport.


The first documented references to Sandhurst can be found in the Domesday records of 1086, when it was known as Sondhyrste, with the village's population estimated at around 300 inhabitants. In subsequent centuries, there were periods of rebuilding and expansion, as the village moved from its foundation in the 11th century to the present day and today.

As with most towns and villages of its size, during the Industrial Revolution, Sandhurst had become an important contributor to the national industries of coal, textiles, brewing and food production, with many businesses having grown in the town.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Sandhurst witnessed the growth of a thriving manufacturing industry which, like many of its contemporaries, was largely based around the labour-intensive production of clothing, footwear and home furnishings. In the years that followed, the village experienced a steady decline in employment as local industries began to dwindle as a result of the increasing cost of doing business in the wake of the Great War.

In more recent times, though, the village's fortunes have largely been bolstered by its close proximity to both the city of London and the motorways connecting the capital to the rest of the UK, as well as by its role in the rise of the service sector.


According to the 2011 Cenus, the total population of Sandhurst was 19,295, with a population density of 233.7 per sq. km. 34.4% of the population identified as White British, with the remaining population originating from a variety of non-British backgrounds. With birth rates in Sandhurst having remained fairly unchanged for the past ten years, the population growth has been centred almost entirely on in-migration from other parts of the UK.

Of those aged 16 and over, 63.7% were in employment, with the professional and technical job market making up the bulk of Sandhurst's economy.

The Car Industry

Sandhurst is home to a vibrant car industry which has grown significantly over the years to become an important part of the local economy. Nestled close to the M3 motorway, the village is in close proximity to several major car manufacturers and their associated sales and service operations, most notably BMW and Mercedes-Benz, who both have a presence in the area.

In recent years, Sandhurst has also become involved in the manufacture of vehicles on a much smaller scale, with a number of local garages, workshops and mechanics often producing unique, bespoke cars for customers with a passion for style and performance.

The Finance Industry

Not only is Sandhurst home to the car industry, but it is also a major hub for banking and other financial services. The village operates as a 'bridgehead' for a number of small and medium-sized commercial banks and building societies in the surrounding area, with business banking and mortgage and loan services catering to small and starting business ventures.

The presence of the finance sector in Sandhurst has made the village an attractive place for people looking to start up a business, and with a skilled, local workforce in abundance and a number of services provided by the banks, the town is well equipped to provide business owners with the assistance they need to get their business up and running.


Motorsport has also long been entrenched in Sandhurst, both as a professional business sector and as a popular pastime. The village is home to a thriving community of amateur and professional drivers, many of whom take part in the popular weekly 'track days' which attract crowds of both experienced and amateur drivers alike.

Though it is smaller than the well-known Silverstone Circuit, Sandhurst's own track, which is nestled deep within the forested region of Sandhurst Common, hosts many of the most iconic events in motorsport, such as the British Touring Car Championship and the FIA World Rally Championship. As such, it has become an essential part of the village's economy, leading to the growth of local businesses that specialize in the sport, such as car preparation, track maintenance and repair, and the manufacture of specialized parts and components for the various cars used by competitors.


Sandhurst is a thriving village with its own unique set of characteristics, giving it a distinct personality that stands out from its neighbouring towns and cities. A wide range of professional, cultural and leisure activities, a close connection to the motorway system, and a modern, vibrant centre for finance and business, provide the village with an attractive range of features.

As a result, Sandhurst has benefited greatly from its strong connections to the car industry, finance sector and motorsport, turning the village into a vibrant, bustling centre of activity and making it a great place to live and work.