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GB Car Finance specialises in used car finance in and around Falkirk. We will work hard to help you obtain an approval decision, based on affordability, in minutes and drive away your new used car within 24 hours!

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If you need a loan to buy a used car then you have come to the right place - We could help to find car finance for you regardless of your current financial circumstances. We regularly help people with bad credit, even if they have been refused elsewhere.

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Used Car Finance Falkirk

Car Finance Falkirk

We are available to help people access car finance 247, 365 days a year - Whether you need an affordable family saloon, an economical hatchback, a large car or a people carrier we will work hard to help you find the right car for you. Apply online day or night, or speak with one of our friendly operators who will help guide you through the car finance application process and answer any questions you have.

“I was happy with the deal I got for my new car as I've struggled in the past to get the finance from any other company as I've had bad credit. They were very helpful on the phone and helped me choose my car - I was more than happy and would recommend GB Car Finance to anyone…”

All circumstances considered - CCJs, defaults, arrears, self employed, benefits, limited or no credit history, refused car finance elsewhere - Whatever your circumstances we'll look to help.

Used Car Finance in Stirlingshire

As well as Falkirk, GB Car Finance is pleased to assist people searching for car finance in Bonnybridge, Denny, Grangemouth and Stirling in Stirlingshire.

More information about Falkirk

Falkirk - An Automotive, Financial and Motorsport Hub in Central Scotland

Falkirk is a small town in Central Scotland, located less than 15 miles west of Edinburgh and even closer to Glasgow, along the M9 motorway near the River Forth. The area was historically a major component of the local cotton industry, but it is now better known — both locally and nationally — for its links to the car industry, finance industry and motorsport.

Car Industry

The Falkirk area has always had a significant presence in the car industry, beginning in 1902 when the first two garages were opened in the area. This quickly developed into what would eventually become Euro Garages, one of the largest motor dealerships in Scotland. Euro Garages has since expanded to include Mercedes-Benz and Fiat, showing the range and scale of the automotive presence in the area.

The presence of car manufacturers has grown in recent years, with the likes of SLM Group, IM Group and Arnold Clark — who between them have facilities that cover all makes and models of cars — based in Falkirk. This means that the town has quickly grown to become one of the most important towns for new and used car sales in the whole of Scotland.

Finance Industry

In addition to its thriving car industry, Falkirk is also a popular centre for the finance industry. There are a number of major banks and building societies, such as Barclays, NatWest, HSBC, The Co-operative Bank and Lloyds Bank, all located in the town.

The town also boasts a number of independent finance companies, providing independent loans and mortgages for local people and businesses. Many of these companies have been in operation for decades, offering a commitment to the local community that larger chains cannot match.


Falkirk is also home to some of Scotland's premier motorsport venues, including Grampian Raceway, which opened in 1967. The track has seen a number of world-class events take place over the years, including the Circuit Racing Masters, the Scottish Rally Championship and the Scottish Classic Car Show.

The area is also home to Knockhill Racing Circuit, a 1.3 mile track that is used for both local and national events. The circuit has recently seen an increase in popularity thanks to its focus on grassroots motorsport, providing affordable options for those interested in getting into racing.


As of the 2021 census, the population of Falkirk stands at around 32,709, making it the third largest town in Scotland — after Glasgow and Edinburgh — and one of the most densely populated too.

The town, along with the wider Central Scotland area, is home to a diverse range of people. The largest ethnic group is White Scottish, comprising around 86% of the residents, followed by those from the Asian community (6%) and other ethnic backgrounds (3%). In terms of religious affiliation, the majority of people in the Falkirk area are Christian, with other religious beliefs accounting for around 2% of the population.


Falkirk has a long-standing connection to the automotive, finance and motorsport industries, making it a prime destination for those looking to start a business in these sectors. The town has a thriving population and culture — with a diverse demographic — and its proximity to Glasgow and Edinburgh gives it an advantage that other towns cannot match. As the gateway to Central Scotland, Falkirk is the perfect place to tap into the incredible potential the region has to offer.