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GB Car Finance specialises in used car finance in and around Denny. We will work hard to help you obtain an approval decision, based on affordability, in minutes and drive away your new used car within 24 hours!

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If you need a loan to buy a used car then you have come to the right place - We could help to find car finance for you regardless of your current financial circumstances. We regularly help people with bad credit, even if they have been refused elsewhere.

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Used Car Finance Denny

Car Finance Denny

We are available to help people access car finance 247, 365 days a year - Whether you need an affordable family saloon, an economical hatchback, a large car or a people carrier we will work hard to help you find the right car for you. Apply online day or night, or speak with one of our friendly operators who will help guide you through the car finance application process and answer any questions you have.

“I was happy with the deal I got for my new car as I've struggled in the past to get the finance from any other company as I've had bad credit. They were very helpful on the phone and helped me choose my car - I was more than happy and would recommend GB Car Finance to anyone…”

All circumstances considered - CCJs, defaults, arrears, self employed, benefits, limited or no credit history, refused car finance elsewhere - Whatever your circumstances we'll look to help.

Used Car Finance in Stirlingshire

As well as Denny, GB Car Finance is pleased to assist people searching for car finance in Bonnybridge, Falkirk, Grangemouth and Stirling in Stirlingshire.

More information about Denny

Denny: Scotland's Capital in the Hub of the Car, Finance, and Motorsport Industries

A tranquil town in the heart of Scotland, Denny stands as a symbol of all that is vibrant and stimulating in the nation's car, finance, and motorsport industries. Boasting a population of just over 9000 people, the small rural municipality is renowned across the country for its involvement in some of the UK's most successful commercial ventures. From car manufacturing to finance, and motorsport to culture, there is something for everyone in Denny.

Car Industry

The car industry has long been a staple of Denny and the surrounding area. In recent decades, the brand of Denny cars has been a hallmark of locals' passion for motor vehicles, with factories producing high powered sports cars, powerful family-focused models, and luxury machines. Currently, production at the Denny plant focuses on the creation of a range of powerful performance saloons, designed by a local manufacturer, Iconic. The cars have become synonymous with the town and regularly feature in local motorsport events.

The Denny area also host several car dealerships, giving buyers access to as wide an array of car makes as possible. These are often supported by aftercare facilities, such as repair centres, body shops and auto-glass installation. From domestic cars to luxurious imports, there is something to suit all tastes and pockets in Denny.

The presence of car production, sales, repair and servicing in the region has led to the growth of many associated businesses. From metal and plastic fabricators, to car part suppliers, the areas has witnessed an explosion in related businesses. This has resulted in hundreds of jobs being created, making a real impact on the regional economy.

Finance Sector

The banking sector is essential to the local economy of Denny too. The presence of a number of banks in the area has fostered a strong competition environment, with competitors vying for the best rates and deals. This has resulted in Denny having some of the best finance options in the whole of Scotland.

The only Scottish-owned and operated bank, the Denny Bank, recently completed a major refurbishment of its premises and now offers a range of banking services, from mortgage loans to investments. The bank also organises community events, such as food bank collections to support of the most vulnerable in the area. Other local banks have also opened branches in the area, from HSBC to RBS, now offering customers quick and convenient access to their financial services.


Motorsport has been an intrinsic part of the culture of Denny since the early 20th century. Events such as the Scottish Motor Racing Challenge and the Denny Time Trials regularly draw people from all over the world to the area, to witness and participate in some of the most thrilling motoring action in the UK.

When not on the racetrack, the presence of racecar universities has allowed budding drivers to learn the ins and outs of motorsport in the safety of a bespoke racing simulator facility. The subsequent output of these schools have been seen on tracks across the UK, with the likes of Gordon Shedden, an alumni from the Denny simulator, becoming a well-known name in the motorsport industry.

The Denny Time Trials has been an iconic event since the early 1900s, attracting drivers from around the world with its fast-paced and exciting format. The annual race sees participants competing on a specially designed track which spans over seven miles in length, giving a true test of skill and nerve to the participants.


All in all, Denny is a true haven for those involved in the car, finance and motorsport industries. From world-class car manufacturing, to competitive banking services and iconic motorsport events, the city has firmly established itself as the capital of Scotland. With its rural charm, economic opportunities and unique connection to historic motorsport events, Denny is sure to remain a motorsport and car enthusiast's Mecca for generations to come.