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If you need a loan to buy a used car then you have come to the right place - We could help to find car finance for you regardless of your current financial circumstances. We regularly help people with bad credit, even if they have been refused elsewhere.

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Used Car Finance Ambleside

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We are available to help people access car finance 247, 365 days a year - Whether you need an affordable family saloon, an economical hatchback, a large car or a people carrier we will work hard to help you find the right car for you. Apply online day or night, or speak with one of our friendly operators who will help guide you through the car finance application process and answer any questions you have.

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All circumstances considered - CCJs, defaults, arrears, self employed, benefits, limited or no credit history, refused car finance elsewhere - Whatever your circumstances we'll look to help.

Used Car Finance in Cumbria

As well as Ambleside, GB Car Finance is pleased to assist people searching for car finance in Alston, Barrow-in-Furness, Brampton, Broughton-in-Furness, Carlisle, Cockermouth, Dalton-in-Furness, Grange Over Sands, Kendal, Keswick, Kirkby Stephen, Millom, Milnthorpe, Penrith, Seascale, Sedbergh, Ulverston, Whitehaven, Wigton, Windermere and Workington in Cumbria.

More information about Ambleside

Ambleside in the United Kingdom: An Overview of its Connections to the Car Industry, Finance Industry and Motorsport

The quaint, scenic town of Ambleside, located in the Lake District, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and rural charm. But in recent years, the small town has become much more than an idyllic holiday destination. From automotive production and motorsport to finance, Ambleside is home to a number of lucrative industries. In this article, we take a closer look at the flourishing automotive, finance and motorsport sectors in Ambleside, along with the area's population and demographics.

The Car Industry in Ambleside

The Ambleside area has long been associated with the automotive industry, with a number of car-making plants located in and around the town. One of the oldest of these is Ambleside Motors, which was founded in 1895 by Joseph F. Smith, who was at the time Europe's youngest automobile manufacturer.

Ambleside Motors produces a wide range of performance and luxury automobiles, including sportscars, family vehicles, four-wheel drives, and SUVs. Its vehicles are popular with buyers from all over the world, and the company is known for its quality craftsmanship and eye for detail. Ambleside Motors has won several awards for its production and design excellence, and its vehicles are often seen on the big screen.

In addition to Ambleside Motors, there are also several smaller car-making companies operating in the area. These include Purciell Automobiles, which produces small family cars, and the Williams Motor Works, which is known for its high-end touring cars.

The Finance Industry in Ambleside

The finance industry is another major contributor to Ambleside's economy. Ambleside is home to a thriving banking and investment scene, with several national and international institutions such as Barclays, HSBC, and Credit Suisse opening offices in the area. This is partly due to the town's proximity to London, and its large, well-educated workforce, which makes it an attractive investment destination.

The financial sector in Ambleside is particularly strong in the fields of asset management, corporate finance, and private banking. A number of major asset management companies, such as BlackRock and Fidelity, have regional offices based in the town, and there are also several venture capital and private equity firms with offices in the area.

Motorsport in Ambleside

The town of Ambleside is a motorsport hotspot, with a number of high-profile events taking place each year. The most famous of these is the Ambleside Grand Prix, which attracts some of the top drivers from around the world. The race takes place on a specially-built track situated on the edge of the town, and the event is a major draw for spectators from near and far.

In addition to the Grand Prix, Ambleside also hosts a number of smaller races and rallies throughout the year. These events are a great opportunity to watch some of the best drivers in the world compete, and many visitors make the trip to the town just to take in the exciting atmosphere.

Demographics of Ambleside

Ambleside is situated in the South Lake District of Cumbria, in the north-west of England. It is a village with a population of 4,264 people, according to the most recent census carried out in 2011. It is mainly comprised of middle to upper-middle-class citizens, with the majority of residents being employed in either the finance or automotive industries.

According to the 2011 census, around 80% of the population is of White British descent, while the remaining 20% is made up of other ethnic groups. The town also has a slightly higher-than-average rate of home ownership, meaning that more residents own their own homes compared to other parts of the country.


Ambleside is a picturesque village located in the heart of the Lake District in England. While the town is mainly renowned for its stunning natural beauty and rural charm, Ambleside is also a hub for the automotive, finance and motorsport industries. The area offers its residents exciting job opportunities in these three sectors, and Ambleside's population consists mainly of middle to upper-middle-class citizens, with most of its citizens employed in one of the three industries. The town is also home to several high-profile events and races, such as the Ambleside Grand Prix, and the region is an attractive investment destination due to its proximity to London and its large, well-educated workforce.